23 thoughts on “My Book

  1. I’ve been looking on Amazon for the last few weeks, and I see it in paperback but not on kindle. Has anyone else found it on kindle?

  2. Kate: My daughter follows your blog. Is it possible to get a signed copy of your book that her mother and I can give to her?

    • Yes you can. Go to gettingnakedlater.com and you can order one. The only thing is I will be out of town for ten days so you might have to wait a few weeks. Also, you can send me a check if you don’t have paypal. If you want to do that you can contact me through my website, katehurley.com.

  3. Dearest Kate… God bless you for publishing this book!!! I downloaded it on Kindle (yay for the fabulous technology of Kindle!) and finished reading it this weekend – I laughed, I cried, I totally identified. Great job! I have been following your blog for a while now, and am fast approaching the tender age of 39 (now I am definitely not likely be married and pregnant by the time I turn 40, ha ha)! What a truly refreshing and inspiring book. Many, many people are going to be blessed and encouraged by it, and I know it took lot of courage to put it all together – so, thank you. Lastly, if you ever make it over here to our beautiful country (South Africa), please know that you have a place to stay! xxx

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I would love to come to South Africa some day. I almost got to go once but it didn’t work out. I’m so glad you loved the book! I’d love for you to put up a review on Amazon. It gives me lots of clout.

      Hang in there girl and bless you!


    • Do you have any kind of reading device or does it need to be a physical copy? I can send it but usually sending it that far costs about $15 and then it would be another $10 for the book. I wish I could make it cheaper than that! If you have a reading device you can get it on Kindle, or I could even send it to you if you can’t afford it.

      • Hey Kate, thank you for replying. I would not mind having the book in any form, but sadly i don’t have a Kindle or any reading device. i would love to own one, but i can not afford one at the moment.
        It would be an amazing gift to receive.

        Thank you!

  4. Bought this book maybe 4 days ago and just finished it!! AMAZING!! I have never read a book about singleness, dating, love, life, etc. from a Christian bookstore that I resonated with so deeply! THANK YOU!

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