The Script



There’s a story that I’ve listened to

A script inside my head

A fable I have chosen to believe

Again and again

Written by a million hands

From the moment I first breathed

And this broken story that I was told

Became the story I believed

A monologue that says I’m not good enough

A myth that says I don’t belong

A plot that tells me I’m not beautiful

A crying out for love

These stories I believed became

My lens, my looking glass

I saw the world in that broken light

My present defined by my past

And what I chose to see through that glass

Became how I saw myself

Became how I gave and received love

Became my heaven or my hell

These wayward stories within me

This wandering prodigal mind

Needed someone that loved me to call me home

And rewrite the storyline

O great Love, great Author of all

I let someone else determine my worth

I let someone else write these lines in my head

When the story was always yours

Will you come reclaim my story?

Will you come and change this lens?

Will you come and rewrite this tired script

From the beginning to the end?

Not only the days I live through now

And the days that have not come yet

But all those moments I left behind

That I wanted to forget?

Only You can love me so deep

That these lies I believed are forgiven

Only You can hold me so tight

That my future and past is rewritten

So I will trade this story I’ve held onto so long

I will trade all my ashes for beauty

The story that defines me, the story that is true

Is the story of how deep you love me.


-From my upcoming book Prodigal Mind: Reframing Your Story to Reclaim Your Life. Please pray for a publisher!

4 thoughts on “The Script

  1. hey:) you’ve probably heard of finishing line press…?
    They published a friend’s poetry. will pray for the right publisher. It’s very well written, and the book topic sounds provocative and necessary:)

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