Help me write my subtitle!

Hey friends!

I am in the process of writing a book proposal for my book. Right now the title is Getting Naked Later: A Guide For the Fully Clothed. They are wanting a subtitle that promises the reader something and gives a better idea of what is in the book.

Especially for those of you that have read the book, do you have any ideas?

20 thoughts on “Help me write my subtitle!

  1. How about adding “Singleton” onto the end of the subtitle? “Getting Naked Later: A Guide for the Fully Clothed Singleton”

  2. Getting Naked Later: Understanding God’s Purpose Before Marriage
    Or: Living Single and in the Security of Christ
    Good luck! And getting another subtitle might definitely be helpful; when I would read your book in public all my Christian friends would wonder what on earth I was reading! πŸ™‚ Though I kind of loved their shock! πŸ™‚

  3. Getting Naked Later: Coping With Being Over 30 and Single in an Otherwise Married World.
    Getting Naked Later: Lessons Learned From A Still Single Christian.
    Getting Naked Later: Understanding Life As A 30-Something Single Christian.

    I read the book and I LOVED it! I like the title as is, but, hopefully you’ll land on one the publisher can get behind!

    Good luck Katrina!

    • Oh you did read the book? I am about to send you my new CD and thought of sending you a book just because I love you and want you to read it. But it’s good to know you already did!

      • I did! And I cannot wait to get the CD! The book was really so good Kate. I am so proud of you! You did an AMAZING job! πŸ™‚

  4. Kate, I loved your book and love your blog! Thank you for capturing the journey of being a Christian single so well. You just get it and do such a good job sharing it with others. As I talked the book up in my circle of friends, many of them loved the book as well. Some of them, though, had that same sense of shock the previous commenter mentioned and maybe some hints of embarrassment in reading it or talking to others about it. They really resonated, though, with the authentic & powerful message of glorifying God through the joys & frustrations of being single. Instead of emphasizing the celibacy/ clothed part, what about emphasizing that authenticity part more in the title. Perhaps, Getting Naked Later: The Authentic Life of a Christian Singleton (or something to that effect)? Thankfully, unlike many other books, you don’t spend a lot of time focused on the sex-part, so while the fully clothed part is there, it’s not a dominant theme. I hope that helps! Best wishes. I’m glad you’ve connected with a publisher. I would love to see it released more widely.

  5. Getting Naked Later: My Journey to Finding [Wholeness/Contentment/Joy] in Singleness

    It’s not a great suggestion, but hopefully it can help lead somewhere. I would really encourage you to get the word “single” in there somewhere to explain the meaning of the title.

    Good luck, I am very excited for you!

  6. I definitely have not liked the title from the beginning. Mostly because the title makes it sound like its a book on sexual purity, which it isn’t. I mean, it is clear that you embrace values of sexual purity, but that’s not what the book is ABOUT. The book is also not about preparing yourself for marriage, nor is it about contentment, or anything like that. The book is about what singles wish that the married people and other people in the church knew about the struggle of wanting to be married and being an older single.
    So I would completely revamp the title – something like,
    “Getting Naked Later: A Prolonged Celibacy” or “Unwanted Singlehood” or “Single and 30-something” or “Still Waiting: Thoughts From A Single Friend” or “Getting Naked Later: Sadly Still Single”
    or “Singlehood Soulcry”

  7. Getting Naked Later: Loving/Trusting/Knowing God Even When Being Single Sucks
    Getting Naked Later: Navigating Life and Faith When You’d Rather Not Be Single
    Getting Naked Later: A Celibate’s Guide to Maintaining Sanity
    Getting Naked Later: An Honest Contemplation of Life as a Single Christian
    Getting Naked Later: Why Being Single Sucks but Life Doesn’t Have To
    Getting Naked Later: Hope and Honesty about the Hardship of Singleness
    Getting Naked Later: When You Wish God Weren’t Your Only Husband

    I feel like I could just keep going…..

  8. Dear little sister Kate who talks and sings ’bout life and date,

    (long comment.. brainstorming/marketing session, looking for a ‘win – win’ situation)

    GETTING NAKED LATER stands alone and is a spectacular hook that needs no more embellishment in my opinion.(opinion!) Just THAT TITLE is enough to get an interested party hunting for a more ‘wordy’ chat about the book. People rely on amazon book reviews lately, y’know?

    -a guide for the fully clothed. .. is really decent.
    To the ‘non churchy’ it means the ones who are keepin’ their clothes on even though nakedness is an option. to the ‘more church-y’ one “Fully clothed in Christ and God / righteousness” is the clear implication and i feel that whoever is pushing for the change may be barking up the wrong ‘marketing and promotions’ tree. (opinion!!)

    My opinions aside, heres somefin’…

    Genesis 2:25 is a key ‘hook’ i think that can play off of your Getting Naked Later. Brainstorm on EVERY translation of that passage and see if you can bounce a line out of it. ‘not ashamed’ is a key, or ‘positive side’ ‘super comfy’

    -how to ‘get comfy’…just plain ‘dating without SEX’.

    “if only” my parents would have told me ‘okay, as part of Jesus we are honest about ‘ev-rything’. (Sermon on the Mount hits the ‘heart sins’, kids) Okay, garden of eden is TOTALLY REAL, absolutely amazing and God designed you personally to never be confused about ‘who you belong to’ (thats where ‘dating’ comes in) God designed us to never be sad and never die! That was the original plan!
    Meditate on the garden of Eden. There was no shame and no trouble in it. Nobody dies. No pain in childbirth, babies are NOT a problem. No ‘mistake ejaculations’ If we gots da power over spirits; the in-visible, first we gotta be WAY-real about the ‘visible.’ To speak with kids about the fact that the marriage bed is ‘way pleasant’ in a tone as ordinary ‘taking out the trash’ is divine. Instead theres all this breathless hype in the dopey ‘entertainment world’ that puts all the emphasis on flesh, and none on the spirit-world (so the spirits ‘own’ ya..) and blushing giggles behind the pulpit. There is a good honest part of us that wants to be ‘naked and not feeling ashamed’ with ‘our person’, without even the ability to have a problem, or death or pain or sadness. -BUT- now that evil has ‘crashed in’ we have to all get together and help one another be safe and ‘get naked’ in a way thats ‘just right’. (Sistah Kate Hurley is trying to help us with her book..) Single with the HolySpirit freedom is SO COOL. And having the marriage bed to ‘get naked’ in is SO COOL, too! (even though you are ‘stuck’ with the other persons problems FOR LIFE) Mom and Dad really LIKE IT that we have each other to be ‘naked and relaxed’ with. God designed ‘one flesh’ because its NICE. (no wonder evil has labeled it ‘the nasty’)

    Getting Naked Later -a guide to living an ‘unashamed’ single lifestyle.
    -stories from an ‘unashamed single woman’ on her way to a ‘naked and not ashamed’ marriage.
    -celibate dating, How to ‘enjoy the journey’ to an unashamed marriage.

    Shalom-wholeness to the readers!! -david

  9. or just insert ‘dating’ -a DATING guide for the fully clothed.
    BAM..! more descriptive. less esoteric. still working the ‘naked/clothed’ foil well.
    (im a Spirit-driven song-catcher… tyYHVH)

    -a DATING guide for those unashamed of remaining fully clothed,

    ..i mean thats the point right?
    a realistic,anecdotal ‘re -evaluation’ of “I kissed Dating Goodbye’; -right?

    oh! ‘promises something’. kay… -a lifestyle guide to help you really ENJOY dating ‘fully clothed’

    ..or drop the ‘other name’ in, too…

    -wisdom from the ‘sexy celibate’ to help you really enjoy dating ‘fully clothed’
    -humor and wisdom from the ‘sexy celibate’ for ‘fully clothed’ dating.
    -the ‘sexy celibate’ getting us all ‘high’ and humorous on ‘fully clothed dating’
    -the sexy celibate offering you kind and wise advice for pure, unashamed ‘fully clothed’ dating.

    (there you ‘double-up’ name recognition for hits to blog and fb as well as book reviews)

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