Tips For Flirting

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So, I only am able to write this blog post because my friends helped me with the content. That is because I am the WORST at flirting. When I like a guy, I have a hard time looking him in the eyes. I don’t touch any form of phalanges, digits, or appendages. Most of the time, I simply hope and pray that he notices how cool I am from afar. I pretty much act like an adolescent at a Jr. High Dance. How did I get like this?

Sometimes I have to ask myself, why is that I am a bad flirter? It may seem like a light thing, but it may also be a symptom of a deeper problem: my own self worth. Do I think that I am not valuable enough for someone to notice me? Am I afraid of risks? Do I think I deserve to be loved? These are serious questions, and I struggle with all of them. I want to feel beautiful and to act beautiful, and sometimes that means fluttering my attractive eyelashes occasionally.

Here are my friend’s tips. Hopefully they will help all of of us bad flirters.

#1: Hug Correctly: This is useful for both friends and at the end of a conversation. I am even bad at this, the most basic point of contact you can have. One day, my friend Matteo told me “Kate, you are a bad hugger.” I said , “Why” and he said “You stick your leg out behind you so you don’t have to get too close to the person.” “I do? ” I said in surprise?” “Yes. And even worse, you stick your chin in the person’s collar bone.” “What? I had no idea.”

My friend Aaron heard the conversation happening from upstairs and yelled “Yeah Kate. You SUCK at hugging. The collar bone thing is the worst!.”

Luckily, the other day, my friend Trace taught me how to hug correctly. He said to stick your chin up as you are hugging the person so it goes over their shoulder. If the person is tall, you kind of turn your head to the side and lay it on your chest. Like so:

#2-Make eye contact –  I am so bad at this that my best friend had to practice with me. I am a little bit pathetic. She says that this is one of the key things to get a guys attention. Also, be brave enough that you let him catch you looking at him.

#3- Learn some good pick up lines. “I know that I’m not Boez, but you can glean my fields anytime.” “The only thing I want to change about you is your last name.” Or my favorite, “Is your name Faith? Because your the substance of things I’ve hoped for.” (I just noticed that those are all guy pick up lines. Maybe that’s why I don’t use them.)

#4- Learn some secretive ways to make contact with them, especially once you start going on dates. Here are some good ones:

The Slow Mover- This is where you are sitting by someone and you ever so slowly, like ridiculously slowly, inch your hand until they are touching, then brushing, then holding. .

The Shiver and Hook- This is where you are walking with someone and you shiver from the cold, and hook your arm in theirs.

The Pirate- The awesome new one I learned from my friend Ted the other day “if you’re a pirate, do you wear your parrot on this shoulder, or this shoulder (putting your arm around the person)?”

The Freddy Crougar- Go to a stupid scary movie and pretend you are so scared that you have to throw your arms around your date.

Any other good pick up lines or flirt moves out there? Anyone have stories of how their flirting or lack of flirting can indicate what is going on inside of them?

10 thoughts on “Tips For Flirting

  1. Eye contact is the absolute most difficult for me! I am very fair skinned and so I blush at the drop of a hat (not a sweet blush, an “oh wow, are you having an allergic reaction to something” blush), especially when I have a crush on someone, so making direct eye contact is scary! This is a great post!

  2. Crap, these pickup lines are great. It’s why I’m still single. I got no lines. (he said, scribbling furiously)

  3. My cheesy-flirting friend is a big fan of “the rocketship”. You have to be standing next to your target for this to work. Say, “Hey, you want to see my rocketship?” (Now, right off the bat, this might be misconstrued if you’re a guy. That’s half the point apparently.) Don’t wait for an answer. Take your hands and put them in the flat-palmed prayer position in front of your chest and then slowly zoom them skywards like a rocketship (sound effects highly recommended). Then, as your rocketship reaches orbit, SURPRISE! It’s a two stage rocket, and the two stages disengage, with one arm falling back to your side and the other conveniently wrapping around the target’s shoulders. Score!

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