Sing Over Me


My new album called Sing Over Me is coming out in the next six weeks or so. They are all songs from God’s perspective, based on verses where he is talking. It is by far my favorite project I have ever done. I believe that it will help people that are going through depression, divorce, loneliness, death, or any other number of heartaches remember that they are loved.

Watch this video so you can learn more and can also hear a bit of the music in the background…Plus now you will get to see The Sexy Celibate in real life, since I hardly ever post videos of myself up here.

If you’d like to hear some of my older music, click on the free 12 song giveaway above.

I am doing an Indiegogo campaign to put a dent into the funds for this project, and also to get it into your hands. I would love your help! It really doesn’t cost any more than buying it outright. Plus you can also get my book and other CDs as incentives.

Thanks for all your help!

Love, Kate

One thought on “Sing Over Me

  1. Lovely promo for your new album! What a beautiful CD it’s going to be! Wishing you everything of the best and pray God really blesses you in the process, and all who will hear it! xxx

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