Adventures in Online Dating Part II

A reader turned me on to this video on 80’s video dating. I mean, can you see why I might be frightened?

Also, do yourself a favor and look at the comments on my last post. They are hilarious stories about online dating. My favorites…

1) A girl who went out with her second cousin.

2) A girl who dated a guy that ended up marrying a close family member

3) A guy whose first message to his potential date was “I have already married and divorced you in my mind.” Best. Comment. Ever.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Online Dating Part II

  1. Lots of creepy ones there. And sadly, like lots of women on Christian dating sites (can’t comment on what the men are like), looking for fun rather than a husband/wife.

  2. Kate….you are hilarious. I have like 10 friends who are all married thanks to online dating. I say GO FOR IT!! And if nothing else it will make for some great writing. Have fun 🙂

  3. It would seem that there is a shortage of young Christian men for young Christian ladies to marry. Perhaps some of you girls ought to be pestering your brothers & Fathers to encourage the young men of their acquaintance to attend church & develop a relationship with Almighty God. Increasing the number of young Christian men will increase the number of potential matches for yourselves.

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