Campaign For My New Book and Silly Songs With Katie

Dear friends,

Well, my book Getting Naked Later: A Guide for the Fully Clothed is almost done now, but I can’t publish it without your help! I have been working on this book for a year and a half and I think you will love it. I am doing an indiegogo campaign to raise $5555 which includes editing, artwork, distribution, printing- everything I need to get this to you.

There are all kinds of incentives; my music (including my brand new CD that will be out in a few months which are all songs from God’s perspective, my absolute favorite CD I have ever made…) free copies of the book when it comes out, even custom written songs for someone you love for Christmas!

If you are planning on buying the book when it comes out, I want to ask if you will please buy it ahead of time so I can make it happen. The music and custom written song would make great Christmas presents!

Also, by mistake I made the deadline date a month earlier than I had planned and so I only have three weeks to raise the money. At least I didn’t make the deadline for tomorrow!

You should watch the video just to hear the song I wrote for it called “Thirty Something and Single.”

Here are the words so you can follow along:)

I wrote a list about my hubby- what he would be like

A perfect man with perfect teeth- and I his perfect wife

With no hair in his nose and lots on his head

Another thing that I would want is that he’d never snore

He’d never wear Christmas socks- ’cause I don’t like those

But I still have my list- now I’d settle for a nice man with a lisp

‘Cause I am thirty something and single single

Thirty something and single single

Come on my man come on- help me use all these two for one coupons

Well you may think that I’m a loser but I just know I’m not

And let me say that you’re not either we’re actually really hot

That’s something we should never doubt- all these men just need to figure it out

I’m getting naked later- and that is okay

But guy with a lisp is getting older he should be on his way

If he waits much longer then- we’ll have to put each other’s dentures in

‘Cause I am thirty something and single single

Thirty something and single single

Read my book if you’re single also- getting naked later a guide for the fully clothed

Here is the link!

Please share this link with friends.

Let me thank you ahead of time for your help! I’m so grateful for all my readers…I was praying for you all today and I am not just saying that. I really was. You have all been so supportive through this process and I love the discussions we get in.



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