God Is

God is not a tablet of commandments
Measuring and correcting and punishing.
He is a sunset so breathtaking
That for just a moment you forget
All your failings and your tragedies
Because all you can see is the beauty.
And somehow, some of the light floods inside of you
And chases some of the darkness away
All you to do is look.

God is not a magic lamp
That gives you all your desires
If you search for Him hard enough and
Rub Him the right way.
He is the friend
That spins you around with joy
When you are falling in love
Laughs at your jokes even when they’re
Not that funny
And cries harder than you do when you feel
All you have to do is open up your arms.

God is not Mr. Rogers
Giving cookies when you are good
And putting you in the corner when you don’t listen.
He is a lover
That throws open the floodgates of passion
Inviting you to let go of your own world and
Risk drowning
For even one moment of being surrounded
By all encompassing, drenching,
Unquenchable, unfathomable LOVE…
All you have to do is jump.

Because, in the end
We don’t really want the magic lamps and the cookies
And the comfort of being hemmed up in our easy, predictable worlds.
We want a person that loves us completely.
That loves the beautiful parts of us
That loves the ugly parts of us.
That loves without boundaries, without excuses
Without expectations of getting anything in return.
He’s there.
He’s waiting.
He died to love you like that.
All you have to do is believe.

(This painting is from my friend Betony Coons….see more of her beautiful artwork at http://graysparrow.com/)

6 thoughts on “God Is

    • i don’t remember where I first read this when I was in college, maybe you published it on your website once upon a time, but I’ve shared it with so many people over the years. Thank you πŸ™‚

  1. Hi Kate.

    I’m so glad I found you!

    A dear single woman friend of mine shared your post on Facebook. “What Single People Wished Married People Knew”.

    I am so grateful that you share so deeply and honestly. I am certain that your feelings are shared by even some who are married, yet lonely, some who are divorced, and even some who are gay.

    Praise God that you know Who loves you most and Who guides your path. Submitting to Him right where we are is what we all need to learn….trusting obedience to a Love that is more than we deserve, impossible to fully grasp, yet, as you so beautifully described in this poem, is the most passionate we will ever know.

    At 33 years of marriage and counting, I can still understand your struggle. Thanks for sharing it so eloquently.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful Kate…makes me think of Psalm 139:5-6 in English Standard Version…”You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is High; I cannot attain it” All of the chocolate chip cookies and genie wishes in the world can’t help me attain it…We get to jump into HIs Way…not knowing a single thing except for Him!

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